Let Your Inner Artist Out With QueekyPaint's API

Queeky is an interactive online drawing community for lovers of drawing and online art. The Platform provides special drawing tools for users to create their own masterpieces and also showcases work from a worldwide collection of creatives in its galleries. The QueekyPaint API makes it possible to add this data to personal blogs and websites.

With Queeky users are able to create animated drawings, watch how others are drawing and even collaborate with other artists in real time. In addition, all drawings are editable at any time and users have the option to tag content and write comments.


The top features include:

  • QueekyPaint 2.0 which includes drawing tools such as the blur tool, selection tool, web tool, tool effects, layer effects and filters
  • The Queeky Timeline records every thing the user does, providing a history that the user can use to jump back and forth, adding or reverting strokes at any stage
  • Animated brushes
  • Multiple windows allow users to open different drawings at the same time
  • Photo support means that users can import/export PNG or JPEG files to/from their computers
  • The drawing interface makes organising canvasses simple and effective
  • QueekyPaint 2.0 is built to support multiple languages
  • MultiDraw Reloaded allows users to collaborate with other artists and draw and chat in real time

To access the QueekyPaint API, users will need to set up an account. Once an account is set up a personal API Key and the JavaScript code required will be provided. Those interested in making use of this tool can visit the Queeky website for more details.

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