Lexity Launches Open Ecommerce Platform: Commerce Central

Lexity, marketing apps provider, has launched Commerce Central-an open commerce cloud Platform for ecommerce services. Commerce Central allows developers to distribute and connect apps to more than thirty ecommerce platforms (e.g. Magento, Etsy, eBay, etc.). Seen as the first truly "open" commerce platform, Commerce Central allows developers to use the same code across multiple platforms. Lexity CEO, Amit Kumar, commented:

"Because Lexity is the first Open Commerce Cloud, we make it easy for developers to connect their apps with the many ecommerce services available today and we in turn make these apps available to merchants via our App Store....With Commerce Central, developers can focus on providing functionality to their merchant customers without worrying about the sign-up process, or about accessing data via many different APIs."

Lexity customers have enjoyed increased revenue and conversion rates through its many services. Although Commerce Central remains in its early days, customers have already realized its benefits. Pete Koomen, Optimizely President and Co-Founder, praised:

"Working with Lexity's new Commerce Central cloud platform has been great.... We look forward to getting a lot of new merchant customers from Lexity's broad distribution."

The Commerce Central APIs use REST protocol and return calls in a JSON data format. Developers can receive product information, monitor inventory, modify a store's website, and more across multiple platforms via the API. Those interested can sign up for Commerce Central at the getting started page.

Ecommerce continues to expand. Online merchants have more and more options when closing deals online. Until now, significant code changes were required to sell across multiple ecommerce platforms. Lexity believes in an open approach to online transactions and Commerce Central demonstrates Lexity's commitment to its belief.

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