Life Fitness Showcases Two New Apps Based on its LFopen APIs

Life Fitness stands as the first fitness equipment manufacturer to open its products to the developer community via APIs. Life Fitness created LFopen to encourage app development around Life Fitness equipment. Currently, APIs exist to enable web based applications or mobile applications that pull data from machines. Chris Clawson, Life Fitness President, commented on the need and benefit of opening up equipment to the developer community:

"Our users want the ability to customize their workouts and create unique experiences that engage and motivate them. With our new open platform products, we are giving consumers the tools they need to enhance their fitness routines by integrating personal technology."

Life Fitness unveiled two apps that utilize LFopen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week. Runtastic and Wahoo Fitness pull data from the Life Fitness treadmill (Elevation Series Discover SE treadmill) and allow users to track and analyze workouts as well as share progress with friends.  Life Fitness hopes that integration with such apps will lead to a new era in fitness and bring Life Fitness equipment to its full potential.

With LFopen, developers can call workout data, workout presets (e.g. age, weight, settings, etc.), and realtime data. The APIs are currently compatible with three types of fitness equipment (i.e. Elevation Series Discover SE, Discover SI and Engage Consoles, and Consumer Track Console). Those interested can visit the LFopen site and email the developer team for access.

Tracking health and fitness progress can be a painfully manual task, and the cumbersome process often leads to workout routine abandonment. API integration with fitness equipment takes the manual entry out of the picture and allows apps and websites to automatically track progress. Life Fitness has prompted a new look at the developer/fitness world relationship and could lead to life changing apps.

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