Life is Short, Summarize it with the HighlightCam API

Video content is exploding over the web. It is likely that you have recorded a lot of files over the years and are looking at ways to summarize them into short capsules. Well, HighlightCam is such a service and they even have a HighlightCam API to go along with it.

HighlightCam, as the site namesuggests, is a video summarization service that uses an algorithm to shorten the length of your video to a fraction of the original. Their algorithm picks out the parts that are most interesting, taking into account motion and audio criteria, and discards all the rest. The site is free to use with video size and length limitations. Sign up is straightforward and you can immediately test out the service by uploading a video and giving it the shortening criteria. Once your summarized video is ready, HighlightCam gives you a link to your video which you can then distribute to your contacts. The company suggests to download and move the highlight video it to a permanent location since, due to infrastructure constraints, it is obvious that they do not want to be a permanent storage site for your videos.

The API allows the entire video summarization process to be orchestrated . You can POST your video file and track the status of the summarization process till it is complete. On completion, you can use the GET method to get a handle to your summarized video. The API is REST-like and supports both XML and JSON formats.

Basic Authentication is currently supported via your username and password. The Rate Limits for free usage are low at the moment but that is understandable due to the bandwidth requirements when dealing with video files.  The rate limits are classified into GET requests, which are limited to 5 per minute. For POST requests that have got to do with video submission, the rate limit is 20 per day, 2 per minute with a maximum video size of 100MB and length of 90 minutes.

HighlightCam presents an interesting API, especially with the amount of video data that is growing by the day.

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