Lights Out for TweetDeck, SilverBird and DestroyTwitter as Twitter Officially Retires API v1

This week Twitter finally laid to rest the older version of the Twitter API, requiring clients to use v1.1 moving forward. With the change comes tightened restrictions that spell the end for a handful of apps, including TweetDeck for Android, iOS, and Adobe Air along with SilverBird, and DestroyTwitter.

The move was confirmed in a company blog post:

“Today, we are retiring API v1 and fully transitioning to API v1.1. Given the array of blackout tests, blog posts, Tweets and other updates, this should (hopefully) not be a surprise,” Taylor Singletary of Twitter wrote Tuesday.

Developers were given plenty of time to make the switchover. After releasing v1.1 in September, Twitter kept v1 around to ease the change. In May, the company even extended the cut-off date an extra month to allow for more blackout testing. In the end, the majority of apps made the transition successfully, noted Singletary.

Included among the changes to the new API, Twitter capped the number of users per client at 100,000. The social media company was clear that it set the limits specifically to inhibit third-party apps from imitating the core Twitter experience. This, coming from a company that owed much of its early growth and success to third-party apps built around its API.

Twitter’s own TweetDeck was among those that fell to the wayside. Twitter purchased the app for $40 million two years ago. Back then, serial entrepreneur Nova Spivack wrote a Techcrunch article warning the company against purchasing TweetDeck. He also urged Twitter to embrace its API roots rather than turning against them.

“At the end of the day, without an ecosystem, Twitter’s network effect will fall apart pretty quickly. If Twitter loses their ecosystem by competing with it, they will end up in the graveyard of once-great Internet companies,” he wrote.

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