LinkedIn Adds Audience Engagement API to LinkedIn Partner Program

LinkedIn has announced a new category for its LinkedIn Partner Program: Audience Engagement. Audience Engagement allows LinkedIn partners to create content specifically for a target audience, discover new audiences by understanding who is engaging with their content, and benchmark audience engagement compared to industry peers. Audience Engagement is available to a limited set of launch partners who have integrated the feature through the Audience Engagement API.

"While we're seeing record levels of engagement in the Feed and content shared across the Platform, we understand that it can be difficult to identify the audiences you should be targeting and the kinds of content they're likely to engage with," LinkedIn's Amita Paul commented in a blog post announcement "[With Audience Engagement] insights, you can better refine your content strategy and make smarter marketing decisions to help deliver better ROI for your LinkedIn ad campaigns and organic posts."

LinkedIn's launch partners for Audience Engagement include Amobee, Annalect, Hootsuite, Ogilvy, and Sprinkler. Each company has integrated the API into its platform that allows users of these platforms to immediately benefit from the insights available through Audience Engagement. The Audience Engagement API provides these platforms with three additional features to supercharge users' LinkedIn marketing strategies:

  • Audience discovery: users can uncover new audiences by discovering who has high engagement with certain topics and articles related to the users' industries.
  • Content recommendations: users can review the topics that are trending and the content that target audiences are engaging with.
  • Industry benchmarking: for users who want to know how their content performs against competitors, benchmarking rates your content engagement levels against industry peers.

If this sounds like another case of a social media giant sharing personal information with third-party marketing partners, LinkedIn is attempting to address the issue head-on, and separate itself from other platforms. In its blog post announcement, LinkedIn claims: "To protect our members' privacy, we only proved aggregated insights that do not identify our members." How LinkedIn is pulling this off is currently unknown as API access is currently limited to its launch partners.

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