LinkedIn API Adoption Likely to Surge with API Additions

With a successful IPO behind it, LinkedIn has its sight now set on bringing more developers to its fold. In April, we covered how LinkedIn is increasing its reach via widgets that you can plug into your site and expanding its Developer program. LinkedIn has added to that by announcing two additions to its LinkedIn API: searching Jobs and Companies.

The Companies API allows you to retrieve Company Information and search across Companies using various facets. The methods are not just limited to search alone. The API even allows you to follow companies, get suggestions for Companies to follow based on your data and get recommendations for a company. For e.g. retrieve a company based on the company ID, the REST URL looks like this:

LinkedIn is being heavily used by recruiters to find the talent and the reverse is true, where members are looking up LinkedIn Job postings by the companies that they are interested in. LinkedIn has spotted this trend and has further fuelled it via the Jobs APIs that have the potential to give rise to applications that could upset the traditional Job portals.

The Jobs API allows you to search Company Job postings, search jobs across the LinkedIn network, bookmark jobs and even get Job suggestions. Companies can also utilize the Job Postings API to work directly with the LinkedIn network from their application. As the API gets adopted, companies are likely to pay more focus than ever to their LinkedIn Job Postings since it could potentially now be delivered via so multiple applications tapping into this database. An example of Job Search is given below:

The LinkedIn Developer Network has grown to over 25,000 developers with API calls numbering more than 2 Billion calls per month. With the Jobs and Companies API, these numbers are likely to grow further.

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