LinkedIn API People Search - Find More People Faster

LinkedIn, the social network for business, has announced an enhanced version of its People Search API. While the V1 Search API contained some powerful and easy-to-use features, the latest additions for the new API are quite impressive.

When LinkedIn launched their API the search method enabled developers to replicate basic searches performed through LinkedIn's standard interface. This API method had in fact provided a strong level of functionality for developers, including filtering by categories such as industry and company, and helpful organizational tools such as sorting and pagination. But the new API greatly broadens the capabilities of applications connecting to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn's key enhancement is the ability to use faceted search. The data returned in such searches are, according to LinkedIn's API documentation, more analytical data that you see on LinkedIn's standard search result page, where you can observe how many people fit into particular categories:

Developers can thus not only obtain standard search results to help find connections, but can actually utilize higher level data, such as what professions are most popular within an individual's network.

As the quantity of social content continues to grow, access of more analytical data will be necessary to keep a competitive developer ecosystem growing for services like LinkedIn. We have 22 LinkedIn mashups in our directory now, and look forward to seeing what can be created with this new people search capability.

Jeremy Glassenberg I'm an experienced Product leader of over 10 years with a proven track record of building and monetizing platforms. I've managed and expanded developer platforms to communities of tens thousands of developers, executed on high profile integrations promoted by Salesforce and Google, and established key components in paths to monetization. While focused on Product, I manage and grow developer communities and partner relationships.

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This is a great improvement on LinkedIn features which will benefit its members in being searched a lot easier and faster. With the growing information available in LinkedIn, it will be very very effective way of getting found much easier.


The number of Api services are growing. This presents an opportunity to monetize information about professionals...just hope they don't start charging like Google for the Adwords Api.

Hi... this is really a great feature added in the API of Linkedin which will really help developers to develop add on application for this network or to integrate few features of this in our own website.


Navjot Singh

While the V1 Search API contained some powerful and easy-to-use features, the latest additions for the new API are quite impressive.