LinkedIn Expands Professional Content Sharing With Upgraded Share API

LinkedIn has just announced that updates have been made to the LinkedIn Developer Platform to make it even easier for the development community to "use LinkedIn as their main distribution platform for discussing and sharing professional content." One of the key ways sharing professional content will be expanded is via the upgraded Share Linkedin API.

The Share API now provides developers with attribution on LinkedIn’s update stream. WordPress, Flipboard and Behance are among the first LinkedIn developer partners who are live with Share Attribution in their platforms. Share Attribution is a means to provide greater rewards to developers for integrating LinkedIn sharing experiences into their applications. When an application user shares content to their LinkedIn networks of contacts, the shared content includes a link back to the developer's site.

LinkedIn Share Attribution

Image Credit: LinkedIn

The Attribution program is currently in Beta. Applications must meet requirements and be given approval by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has also introduced "Member Permissions" and a new "Throttle Monitoring Dashboard."

The Member Permissions feature allows developers to specify which information the user shares with their applications. This is only available for all new API keys using LinkedIn's REST and JavaScript APIs. Existing applications would need new API keys to implement Member Permissions functionality.

The Throttle Monitoring Dashboard helps developers monitor and understand the throttle limits for their applications and can also be used to check applications current status.

These new updates will help promote and expand professional content sharing using the LinkedIn Platform.

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