LinkedIn Joins Twitter, Facebook in Buffer App Connections

Users of the Buffer app and Buffer API can now schedule status updates to LinkedIn, in addition to Twitter and Facebook, from a single publishing interface. Buffer, the web-based service that allows its users to write tweets and status updates ahead of time and then schedule their posts throughout the day, has extended its service to include the professional networking Platform LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has supported automatic publishing of tweets to profile pages for some time, however the implementation was less than ideal. "This appeared to work well, it made me very lazy and didn’t create any value for my connections,” Buffer's Leo Widrich said. The LinkedIn API allowed Buffer to improve the posting by helping its users be more deliberate.

One of the key lessons learned is that purely automated publishing feeds can backfire and produce less than desired results. Buffer’s strongest value proposition for its service is the ability to selectively publish your status updates by platform. “By Buffering only what I feel is interesting for my connections, I can create a lot more value,” Widrich said.

This feature will be particularly useful for those of us who use social media platforms selectively for different segments of our personal and professional lives but still want the convenience of a single publishing interface. Learn how to add your LinkedIn account and begin publishing.

Using Buffer to selectively publish status updates

Buffer’s service may also help LinkedIn by driving more frequent visits among its members, who will now be able to more conveniently and selectively keep their profile page up to date. This is significant is the size of the linkedIn audience:

The feature was announced on the Buffer Blog:

There was some great news from LinkedIn announced recently. The 3rd largest Social Network, announced that over 150 million users are now on board using the platform.

Hitting that milestone couldn’t be timed any better. Over here at Buffer, we are excited to let you know, that from today onwards, you are able to Buffer your LinkedIn updates very easily.

Status updates originating on Buffer will look exactly like handcrafted LinkedIn updates. This could generate increased engagement rates, as compared to the “LinkedIn Tweets” that were previously available because Buffer’s status updates will appear to have been created specifically for LinkedIn.

Creating a LinkedIn status update using Buffer

What made Buffer decide to release LinkedIn support before other platforms that are more typically used for frequent status updates, such as Google Plus? Requests for it from hardcore LinkedIn users was extremely high and, so far, adoption has been strong. Further, the Google Plus API isn’t writeable yet.

Buffer is one of two Twitter scheduling APIs and the only one to support LinkedIn.

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