LinkedIn's Restricted API Access Starts Today

In February, LinkedIn announced its intention to limit some API access to its select partner community. Today marks the effective date of the previously announced changes. As of today, open LinkedIn APIs support a limited number of uses. The uses are largely read only, and data sharing is mostly driven by the personal or business user.

LinkedIn posted some FAQs to help developers transition to the new model. The FAQs address testing in the new environment, app continuity, token expiration, hourly and daily call quotas, authorization changes and third-party Library Integration. While the FAQs apply in the broader sense of the program changes, developers who have been part of LinkedIn's partner community or have been in contact with LinkedIn regarding continued access may not be affected by any of today's changes.

In addition to the FAQs, LinkedIn published a "Today's Changes" blog post. LinkedIn warns that if code adjustments were not made in preparation, error codes may appear when authorizing a new member or renewing an access token. Further, data return may now be incomplete. Although it is a bit late to start thinking transition now, LinkedIn previously published a transition guide to assist developers with the new limitations.

LinkedIn admits that the announcement in February was unexpected and offered many thanks to its loyal developer community. To better serve that community, LinkedIn invites developers to formally join a partnership program. LinkedIn has joined the ranks of ESPN, Netflix and other API owners who have recently changed access and permissions in an attempt to better control API usage and provide enterprise benefit through additional value streams.

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