LiquidSpace API Connects Workspaces with Calendars, Systems, and Services

LiquidSpace, a shared marketplace for meeting and work spaces, has launched the LiquidSpace API, which connects its marketplace to venue calendars, room displays, amenity services, data services, and more. Customers and integrated systems see real-time availability for more than 5,500 workspaces in over 600 U.S., Canadian, and Australian cities. Not only is real-time availability displayed, instant booking of such venues is possible as well.

“The demand for real-time access to flexible workspace is growing rapidly,” Doug Marinaro, LiquidSpace President and Chief Strategy Officer said in a press release. “As we enhance the end-to-end experience for our customer, our API opens our real-time marketplace to a broader ecosystem of partners, starting with venue-management systems and on-site wall tablets. It will enable us in the future to integrate with work-related services, such as catering for a meeting, personal assistant or courier services, and ground transportation, all of which could be booked at the same time someone books a workspace.”

Although the API is new, LiquidSpace has already named a long list of Integration partners. HappyDesk, Hubcreate, MorningStar, Cobot, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Steelcase, Eventboard, and Robin represent a few of its initial partners. The partners include both venue management/calendar systems and display hardware vendors. With more partners on the roadmap, and a handful of partners that have integrated the API with proprietary, in-house systems, LiquidSpace has spread its customer base wide across a vast set of users and use case scenarios.

For access to the API, those interested should reach out to the team to inquire. For those looking to integrate the API with an existing system, hardware, or service, join the LiquidSpace API program. As Marinaro mentioned, the initial integrations with the LiquidSpace API represent the tip of the iceberg of possibility. The potential for the API stretches as far as the mind can travel. The need to book space goes hand and hand with meetings, social events, meals — the list goes on. If there is a need to gather, there is the possibility for the LiquidSpace API to assist.  

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