Listen And Learn: Top Customer Feedback With Medallia API

If there's a problem, fix it. Sounds simple enough, but what if you don't quite know what the problem is? For business, customer feedback is vital in the race to stay ahead of the pack; knowing what is and isn't working for people is key. The Medallia API provides a solution to this problem.

Medallia is a customer feedback service with all the bells and whistles. The system includes a long list of features such as data collection, mobile feedback, data Integration, dashboarding, push reporting, benchmarking, customer recovery, interactive analytics, text analytics, goal setting and media sharing. Medallia's goal was to create a product that would stand out and out-perform, capturing users' attention and ultimately making a substantial difference to a company's bottom line.

The service provides companies with the tools to improve their performance using the following 5 steps:

  1. Capture - collect the right data from the right people, asking the right questions and thereby getting accurate feedback.
  2. Share - engage users with interactive and personalized dashboards, creating the opportunity for real-time responsiveness. In addition, organizational changes are updated continuously so reporting is always current.
  3. Recover - identify disappointed customers or customers at risk and communicate in order to repair damaged relationships.
  4. Discover - use analytics to generate and test new ideas based on customer feedback, identifying solutions and best practices.
  5. Improve - prioritize and set improvement goals and publish successes and best practices.

The Medallia API provides allows developers to access and integrate Medallia's data with other applications or even to create new applications. More information is available on the Medallia website.

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