The Listrak API for Ecommerce: Winning Customer Loyalty and Expanding the Base

Listrak is an email marketing company solely focused on the ecommerce channel. By getting to know their clients in depth, reviewing clickstream data and transactional history, and plotting customers on a lifecycle grid, Listrak is focused on delivering two things, according to CEO Ross Kramer, "help our customers acquire more new customers, and sell more to existing customers." The Listrak SOAP API makes automation of managing email campaigns easier.

According to the API documentation, Listrak's API:

"integrates existing systems, such as ERP, CRM, and online stores, with Listrak’s email marketing software. This enables users to transfer data securely between the systems so email marketers may build strong, preference-based email lists quickly and easily. For example, an online retailer using the API interface may capture pertinent customer data and preferences captured during the sales process and store the data automatically in Listrak’s email marketing software. This information may then be used to send personalized and targeted email messages. These APIs closely mimic Listrak’s web-based application in functionality and use so programmers will intuitively develop hooks to Listrak due to these similarities."

Above: the first 3rd of an infographic

Listrak is crisply targeted at a clear problem: only 15% of ecommerce customers order more than once off a given site. The Lifecycle grid helps segment customers for different incentives to spur loyalty depending on their past behavior. Critical to this effort is a sparse, well-targetted use of coupons to keep profit margins intact. Looking at the case studies, from Lancaster Archery Supply, to the fair trade retailer Ten Thousand Villages, to the handmade cosmetics company Lush, over and over and over again the keys are partnership, personalized service, and keeping the client in control of the relationship. Listrak focuses on these with an aim to using customer data in the most powerful ways possible.

Despite this focus, or perhaps because of it, Listrak has nicely segmented their solutions along the lines of acquisition, re-engagement, behavioral targeting, mobile engagement, among other issues all geared to keep customers happy, returning and making new purchases.

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