Little Bird API: Making The Right Connections

In the densely populated world of social media, it can become difficult for businesses to identify who best to engage with in order to achieve what they need to on the web; it’s hard to tell the real experts and the influential from those who simply aren’t. Little Bird is a platform that exists to tackle this issue. The service provides tools that allow users to quickly identify and engage with the right experts in their relevant fields, and in so doing, take the necessary steps towards building that respected expert status themselves. Little Bird also provides the Little Bird API that allows developers to use this service and integrate it with other applications.

Little Bird is all about getting users or businesses into the right conversations with the people that matter most in their industry. The tools provided act as a kind of ‘digital librarian’ that sifts through reams of Twitter streams, blog posts and LinkedIn pages to source the most relevant and influential people, businesses and information on a specific topic. In an article on, Little Bird founder, Marshall Kirkpatrick explains how the concept was born out of a need that companies had to identify which people or websites were important to associate their businesses with from a PR and marketing perspective. He says,

“They all wanted to know who they should have on their radar when it came to the social web”.

The system achieves this by putting data analytics to work and analyzing the connections between people to determine who has the most influence in a particular community or on a specific topic.

The Little Bird API is available to developers who may want to make use of this functionality. Public documentation is not available, however, and those interested should contact Little Bird directly for further information.

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OK, it's useful. That is to say it finds groups of Twitter users influential around topics and key terms. I can get this information elsewhere, though not as quickly and easily. The pricing, however - somewhere around US$400 a month, is waaaay too high and I predict that this app will die unless they slash their prices. No-one is going to convince me that this cloud app is anywhere near c. 70 times more useful than Hootsuite !


Thank you for this thoughtful post!

While the Little Bird API is not available for open, external use, we did demonstrate its potential with Hey Big Fish (, an application powered by Little Bird that puts some intelligent filters on the wide conversation that happens at an big event like SXSWi. We hope to see Big Fish at some other events sometime soon!

We welcome inquiries about use of our API, which we will be testing first with select enterprise customers and channel partners. Folks can contact us at:


Nate Angell, Doorman

Little Bird