Live Event Highlights Innovations in Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform Live will be held on Nov. 4 in San Francisco. The daylong event will feature Google leaders discussing innovations in the Google Cloud Platform and multiple deep-dive sessions to help introduce the toolset for cloud developers to build and deploy their applications using Google technologies. 

There are three ways to join this event. You can attend in person, join a viewing party at the Google New York office or watch it via live streaming from home. You need to register for any of these options, and there is a $200 fee to attend in person. 

The event comes on the back of a previous Google Cloud Platform live event in March. That event saw breakthrough announcements from Google, including its vision of blurring the lines between infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service.

The keynote will see senior Google executives Urs Hölzle, Joerg Heilig and others highlighting Google's vision for cloud computing, and it's sure to include some new announcements around the platform. After the keynote, there are two tracks: development and Hot Topics in Cloud Computing. 

Sessions in the cloud computing track include areas that have received the bulk of the attention in recent months around Google Cloud Platform, such as managed VMs, kubernetes, virtualization and containers. Other sessions include cloud security and runtime insights, which takes a look at cloud monitoring, logging and more. 

The development track includes a progressive list of topics that go from design, development, deploy and finally optimizing and analyzing your app. 

If you are invested in the Google Cloud Platform or even want to take a look at its toolset and technologies, be there at the Google Cloud Platform Live event.

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