Livefyre Launches StreamHub, the Web's First Engagement Management System

Livefyre has just launched StreamHub, a new set of tools for Enterprise customers that Builds upon the Livefyre core real-time comment Platform and the Livefyre API. StreamHub curates the social web and allows publishers, television networks and brands to incorporate relevant discussions via social media into their websites.

StreamHub Dashboard

Livefyre StreamHub Social Media Dashboard. --- Image Credit: Livefyre

StreamHub is the web's first Engagement Management System and works with any CMS to integrate social content from across the web into websites providing users a real-time social experience. As stated in the announcement:

"Including social content from across the Web, such as tweets, images, comments and videos, enables digital media companies and brand sites to create real-time community experiences and become the center of conversation."

How StreamHub Works

1) Source - StreamHub captures social content and conversations that are directly related to a business, brand, product or topic. You can select specific tweets, images, photos and other social media to help tell stories your website audience cares about.

2) Curate - StreamHub is an Engagement Management System that provides access to the "massive amount of social content across the web." Content can be selected by choosing a specific keyword, mention, or location.

3) Stream - After social content has been selected, it can be displayed on your website through LiveBlogs, LiveChats, LiveComments and/or customized widgets.

To read more about StreamHub, visit the Livefyre Website or read the StreamHub Documentation on GitHub.

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