Livestorm Launches Public API for its Video Communications Platform

​Livestorm announced the release of its public API. The API will provide Livestorm's customers and Integration partners with a new way to access their data, automate processes, and connect Livestorm with any other leading marketing or sales applications with just a few lines of code.

Livestorm enables businesses to connect, engage and capture actionable insights in one place. The browser-based Platform doesn't require a download, or set up and allows businesses to host meetings or events in a browser (desktop or mobile) from two to thousands of participants. 4,000+ companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies rely on Livestorm, including brands such as Honda, Pipedrive, or Intercom.

Livestorm is currently integrated with over 20 apps such as Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Intercom, and plans to roll out 100+ additional integrations in 2021. The API will let customers access their data to automate internal processes, and will also give autonomy to partners that are building integrations directly on Livestorm. 

Livestorm customers already began using the new API during a late 2020 beta testing period to tap into these apps and run their events more efficiently. "Livestorm has been instrumental for us in running more engaging live events," said Francesco Pongiluppi, full- Stack developer at Future Education Modena.  "With the new API, we were able to significantly automate the process for the creation, organization, and review of our online events." 

In the next months, Livestorm will also launch and fuel its public API Documentation, accessible on, to provide developers with the tools and knowledge to easily build integrations with the video communication platform. By the end of the year, Livestorm expects to multiply the amount of integration partners by five. 

Livestorm Co-founder and CEO Gilles Bertaux said, "Livestorm is building out a full ecosystem to manage external or internal events from start to finish. That means not only offering video to host meetings or events but providing the capabilities to adapt Livestorm to any organization stack. We want each team using Livestorm to customize their workspace according to their needs and the tools they use every day. We're excited to launch our public API to accelerate the amount of integrations that our customers can leverage with Livestorm. It represents yet another step towards building a complete workspace platform rather than an IT video solution."

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