Local Corp. Uses Krillion API to Grow in New Markets

Expertise in working with APIs and Big Data is paying off for Local Corp. Local built a $100 million business by aggregating huge amounts of data and then serving ads to consumers searching for local business and product listings. Local is now using APIs to extend its local-search business into fast-growing markets such as mobile shopping apps.

"Krillion by Local" offers powerful API access to real-time data about 120,000 retail stores, 4,300 shopping categories and 3 million product SKUs.

Local acquired local-search startup Krillion in 2011 for its local-shopping data engine. Local invested heavily in Krillion's technology development, leveraging Local's expertise in working with large data sets to scale Krillion's API resources. Local reaches 10% of U.S. Internet users through its sites and syndication network and serves more than 3 billion ads a day. These huge traffic numbers are supported by sophisticated Back-end technology. Local made it easier to get data into Krillion programmatically, and its product data set grew exponentially.

Krillion by Local now powers local-shopping experiences for apps, brands and retailers. Krillion provides apps with real-time access to data on products, pricing and in-store availability at popular retailers, including Best Buy, Sears, Target and Wal-Mart.

Local.com Krillion API Feed Example Data

Seventy-three percent of consumers use their mobile phones to research products while shopping. Try out Local's own Havvit iPhone app to see the potential of real-time stock checking functionality to affect consumer behavior.

Local also demoed some cool products at the Seimer Summit this week in Santa Monica, Calif. "Geofencing" technology allows brands and retailers to message consumers with offers that incorporate real-time product data when they come within a certain distance of a store. "Ambient data" feeds allow retailers to place store hours and location information next to product-related YouTube videos.

"Krillion's dynamic data feeds enable advertising and app data to be delivered in highly personalized ways," says Local CEO Fred Thiel. "Marketers can reach targeted consumers based on where they happen to be, where they are going and what products they have been researching."

Investing in APIs is strategically important for Local. The Krillion API allows them to work with large corporations willing to subscribe to expensive data feeds. Local previously focused more on selling advertising packages to small and medium-sized business. Also, more than half of Local's revenue comes from partnerships with Yahoo and Google, so Local is now able to diversify its revenue and reduce dependence on those two tech giants.

The Krillion by Local's developer site gives a broad overview of what is possible with Local's APIs.

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