Local Digital APIs Well Received by U.K. Social Care Workers

ProgrammableWeb first covered the U.K.'s Local Digital project as it launched its Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) Calculator API. The project unveiled the DPA Calculator and an Eligibility Checker API at a recent event and reports a welcome reception and excellent feedback from an audience whom the APIs directly affect. A sold-out event made up mostly of adult social care workers overwhelmingly responded with interest in the offerings when questioned if the APIs would be useful.

"We have listened to these suggestions with great interest, and following this event, Local Digital will now begin exploring options to improve and expand upon this project," Henry Mathes, Local Digital's delivery manager, commented in a blog post. "We look forward to seeing what develops over the coming weeks and months as the API becomes more widely adopted."

There was no shortage of feedback from the audience, including both questions and suggestions for future developments. Questions included:

  • Who uses the calculator (care patient, family member, social worker)?
  • How do users navigate to the calculator (search engine, local council website)?
  • How long do users spend using the tool?
  • Do users get the information sought after?

Future development suggestions included:

  • Online needs/benefits/financial assessment forms
  • Care cost cap calculators
  • Care provider directories
  • Social care e-marketplace
  • DPA eligibility through the Land Registry

The API is now available for anyone to build online DPA calculators. Eight partner local authorities have Web forms that utilize the API's functionality. Local Digital and all involved in the program hope that those who test and use the APIs will share tips and feedback with others so the calculators become widespread in both use and awareness. To learn more, visit the Local Digital website.

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