Localscope API Brings Locality Features to Apps of Any Kind

Localscope, the app that:

"lets you see and know your locality like never before," now "enables third party applications to use the Localscope app to search for and discover geo tagged information via the Localscope API."

The Localscope API allows app developers to integrate Localscope's functionality into third party apps. Roy Choudhury, Chief Evangelist, commented

"This is a great opportunity to partner with third party applications to create a symbiotic ecosystem. We encourage developers to adopt the API and would love to integrate their feedback to enhance the API in the future versions."

The Localscope app uses "geo-tagged information from multiple local search engines, social networks and media sharing services." The app aggregates data from multiple sources (e.g. Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to provide users with information on people and places in their area. Utilizing the API allows additional apps to integrate the aggregated data from Localscope.

Given the partner community that provides the content for Localscope's functionality, the Localscope API could generate substantial buzz and inspire creative integration opportunities. Cynapse (developer of Localscope) is happy to promote apps integrating the Localscope API. For more information on the Localscope API, or to promote an app, click here.

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