LocationGenome Takes Location Beyond The Map

LocationGenome is inspired by Pandora’s effort to map out the music genome, which seeks to identify, categorize, tag, and recommend music.  LocationGenome would like to do the same thing for places that you might want to visit.  The example offered on its site explains the obvious relation to some between organic food groceries, vitamin stores, and vegetarian restaurants. The LocationGenome API aims to help your application take advantage of this type of cross category theme.

The company is not willing to share their API details completely openly, requiring first that interested parties request API Documentation.  Playing coy is a classic method of seduction, and that’s what private beta is all about.   Maybe you’re just the outgoing developer that will walk right up and introduce yourself, thus gaining access to this service while it’s still in development.

UrbanQ, with a lovely demonstration video, is offered up as an example application implemented with the LocationGenome API.  There is also a demo page that provides an unpolished look at the dataset on a google maps overlay.  This should inspire confidence in the dataset and its feasibility for use in the real world.

One of 37 mobile mapping APIs, LocationGenome is sure to stand out, even in that crowd, by offering recommendation and user feedback services as well.

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