Loggly Announces Double-Down Investment Round

Loggly has just secured a new round of funding for its event-logging Loggly API. The company added $5.7 million which more than doubles the $4.7 million total from series A & B investment rounds.  This round introduces a new investment partner, Matrix Ventures, as well as a new CEO Charlie Oppenheimer and CTO Jim Nisbet.  Oppenheimer hails from Matrix Ventures where he served as an executive in residence.

This double-down investment on log management demonstrates a high investor confidence in remote log management.  Loggly itself is an example of the increasingly specialized technology companies who’ve carved out a very specific niche for themselves

I spoke to Loggly just over a year ago, and was excited and inspired by their vision and passion for creating value out of a technological by-product: log files.  In my recent conversation with the Loggly team they advocated for JSON formatted log data because structured data lends itself to indexing and analysis much more naturally.

Loggly is continuing to stay focused on a simple and reliable service that applies to as many use cases as possible.  They will index and provide search capabilities across your log data, but it is up to the customers to provide the proper structured data at log entry in order to facilitate later queries.  Loggly is not in the business of Big Data analytics consulting, just yet, but maybe you could reach out to Prior Knowledge on that one.

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