Lonely Planet Exposes 8K City Guides via API

Lonely Planet, a publisher of travel guides and eBooks, has announced plans to provide access to over 8,000 city guides via API. The Australia based travel company hopes that providing API access to their catalog of content will help grow a thriving partner program.

This latest announcement is part of a growing content licensing program that offers access to not only 8,000 city guides, but also information on 200,000 points of interest, curated imagery, and various destination collections. Lonely Planet CEO Luis Cabrera, understands the value that all this data presents to the travel economy:

“Research suggests that travelers are more inclined to book a trip if valuable destination information is provided throughout the funnel. We sit on top of the largest expert-curated travel data repository on earth, so enabling our partners with that content as a service makes perfect sense.”

As the API is part of Lonely Planet’s content licensing program, interested developers will need to reach out to the company for access. 

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