Long a Data Provider, Financial Research Firm Becomes API Provider

Zacks, a well known and experienced financial research firm, is opening its data up to developers with the new Zacks Financial API. What’s interesting is that the Xignite APIs, which we called maitre d' of financial data, lists Zacks as a data source. So, it seems that Zacks has decided to see just how well it can play the API game on its own.  And why not?  The financial sector is fairly late in adopting APIs, so there is room for both data providers. This RESTful HTTP API returns both JSON and XML formats.  The financial world has had a long love affair with spreadsheets that may never end.  Demonstrating its financial blood lines, Zacks give examples of how to integrate Zacks API calls into Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets in its User Guide PDF. Microsoft’s Excel is the safe and comfortable play, but Zack made a smart move in embracing Google docs spreadsheets.  Google docs just appeals more to the web developer since it is a web Platform. Developers get 10,000 free API calls to start.  Afterward the pricing is cheap at 60 cents per 1000 API calls.  So you’ve got 6 bucks of free API calls to use, go have fun!

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