Looker Introduces New Developer Tools

Looker has announced a number of new developer tools. The Looker JavaScript Embed SDK allows third parties to develop Looker applications. New Looker Open Source tools allows developers to easily build applications with other Looker community members. Finally, the company has added four new visualizations to the Looker Library.

The JavaScript Embed SDK allows developers to build interactive data applications with the Looker Platform. Once integrated, technical users should be able to gain access to the rich business intelligence data that Looker provides. The functionality and workflows previously available only within Looker apps will now be accessible to third party developers.

Looker's Open Source tools aim to unlock additional value from any potential use case supported by the Looker API. Third parties can create their own data experiences, which may be custom or embedded into the Looker platform. These parties can develop with the speed to market and collaboration value of the Looker community.

Finally, new visualizations include waterfall, box plot, trellis and word cloud. As with previous Looker visualizations, the new visualizations aim to give businesses a new way to look at their business data. Looker identifies waterfall as a particularly helpful tool for examining sales and financial data, box plot for statistical analysis, trellis for breaking data into smaller portions, and word cloud for free text data.

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