Love a Local Business? Prove it with Intuit's Foursquare Mashup

Radio stations are always looking for the "phrase that pays." That's passé. When it comes to local businesses on the web, it's praise that pays. Whether it's Yelp reviews, FourSquare check-ins, or customer feedback provided in Intuit's ongoing Love A Local Business competition.

Love a Local Business map

This mashup uses APIs to enhance its message and improve a user's ability to find a business. Search results are plotted using Google Maps (our Google Maps API profile), but are not a core part of the site.

Similarly, Intuit has used location-sharing service FourSquare (our FourSquare API profile). Optionally, users let Intuit connect to FourSquare to access recent check-ins. After all, places where users go often are bound to be ones they'd nominate for such a competition.

Love a Local Business nomination form

Each month Intuit selects five businesses to win grants of at least $5,000. Most are selected via a raffle, with each user vote counting as a "ticket." Then, based on user comments, a grand prize of an additional $30,000 may be awarded.

Want to earn some dough for your favorite business? This contest could be just the ticket.

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