The Lucidchart API: Simplifies Visual Communication

Designing charts, graphics and diagrams can vary in difficulty based largely on the tools that you use to create them. Lucidchart, a diagram and chart making Platform, provides a simple way to create graphics that are functional and visually impressive. The Lucidchart platform is designed to make “Visual Communication” easier than ever. The company highlights the ability for multiple users to work on the same document at once, allowing collaboration to be seamless. This service has been integrated with Google Docs and is HTML5 ready. If you are looking for deeper Integration, the company also provides the Lucidchart API.

If you are curious how Lucidchart works they have an impressive “Try it now” feature that at first seems to throw you in the deep end. If you get confused there are plenty of video examples that you watch and learn from. Below is a video that illustrates how quickly flow charts can be created using Lucidchart:

The RESTful Lucidchart API returns data formatted in XML and provides full Function diagram and chart creation. This API could be useful for anyone who works with graphical representation on a regular basis. The Lucidchart API is one of 560 tools APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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