Lucky Lady: 13 New York Times APIs

It might be difficult to light all the candles on the cake when the New York Times celebrates its 160th birthday next year. The venerable newspaper isn't exactly acting its age, remaining hip as the Grey Lady provides 13 New York Times APIs, from search access to its own archives to data collections used both internally and by outside developers.

The newspaper released its first API less than two years ago. Its choice, appropriately timed during the U.S. Presidential election, was the Campaign Finance API, providing access to expenditure data reported to the Federal Election Commission. It followed up some content from its own archive with the Movie Reviews API.

Steadily, the New York Times has added additional APIs. They include additional government data and more content from the paper. Also, there's a categorization API, TimesTags, and access to information about its community in TimesPeople. Last year we took an in-depth look at New York Times' APIs. There were nine at the time.

Over the coming months the company has a series of developers events. The first focused on geo and mobile. Open government, real-time web and Big Data are on tap between now and the end of November, proving the paper is serious about its interaction with developers.

For reference, here are the lucky 13 New York Times APIs currently listed in our directory:

  New York Times Article Search API: New York Times article archives

  New York Times Best Sellers API: New York Times best-seller lists data

  New York Times Campaign Finance API: U.S. campaign finance data

  New York Times Community API: Access user-generated content

  New York Times Congress API: US Congress historical data

  New York Times Districts API: Political districts service

  New York Times Most Popular API: News popularity service

  New York Times Movie Reviews API: NY Times newspaper movie review archives

  New York Times Newswire API: All recent New York Times articles in summary

  New York Times NY State Legislature API: NY State legislative member information

  New York Times Real Estate API: Real estate listings and sale prices

  New York Times TimesPeople API: New York Times service for TimesPeople data

  New York Times TimesTags API: News tagging service

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