LucyBot Eliminates Cross-Language Programming Necessity

Startup LucyBot recently launched with the goal to ease API adoption. While APIs continue to drive the modern web, LucyBot co-founder Bobby Brennan found that ramping up on a new API was far too complicated and time consuming. Thus, Bobby and his brother Andrew Brennan launched LucyBot to provide a tool that cuts down on typical frustrations associated with integrating new APIs. Simply put, the LucyBot tool creates cross-language cookbooks for APIs. 

"I realized this was the perfect way to apply my work on cross-language code automation, as REST APIs only have a few degrees of freedom, and are inherently language-agnostic," Bobby Brennan told BostInno.

Through quickly created cookbooks, the LucyBot tool teaches developers how to integrate and utilize APIs. The cookbooks do not replace traditional API documentation; rather, the cookbooks work alongside such Documentation. The cookbooks translate API requests into several different languages; therefore, developers can code in a preferred language and the tool translates into the needed language. A number of partner companies are already working towards including LucyBot into developer portals and hope to go live in the next 3 to 6 months. 

LucyBot has launched two APIs, one open and one closed. The Request Generator is in open beta and allows a user to embed Sample Code to execute HTTP requests in many programming languages. The beta is free up to 1000 requests per month. The Single Page App Generator is in closed beta and generates sample code that expands into a fully functional demo. To learn more, visit the API site, or contact the team.

While APIs themselves greatly reduce the amount of coding and maintenance a developer must conduct to build a multi- Function app, APIs themselves can be somewhat challenging. Because APIs are generally language-agnostic, developers often spend a great deal of time familiarizing themselves with new programming languages. LucyBot eliminates the need for cross-language programming capability. Give LucyBot's cookbooks a shot today and keep an eye out for a more public launch to come.

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