Lufthansa's Open API Adds Booking Capabilities

Lufthansa's Open API has added new functionality that allows authorized third parties to integrate flight search, selection and direct booking into their applications.

According to a press release issued by Lufthansa and its technology partner Mindtree, only 4% of members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) offer an open API. As such, Reinhard Lanegger, the senior development manager for Lufthansa's Innovation Hub, believes that "opening such a great core feature to be used by early stage startups and ventures is a great opportunity and strengthens Lufthansa's direct distribution strategy."

Lufthansa sees opportunity for developers to use its API to create innovative travel planning experiences. A service that sells tickets to events, for instance, could add flight search and booking capabilities so that its customers can seamlessly plan their travel for events they will be attending. Similarly, a conference organizer or trade fair could develop similar functionality, making it easy for attendees to book air travel at the same time they purchase their conference or trade fair packages. 

Currently, the booking capabilities of Lufthansa's Open API are available for flights originating from the UK. Support for additional markets is expected in the future.

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