LunchBadger Announces Open Source Express.js API Gateway

LunchBadger; API lifecycle, orchestration and optimization solution provider; has announced its new open source API gateway: Express Gateway. Express Gateway is one of the first open source gateways to utilize Express.js. The gateway delivers a solution to developers and businesses who desire to build their own Express.js-based micro services instead of utilizing an out-of-the-box solution.

"An API gateway built on Express.js is long overdue," LunchBadger CEO, Al Tsang, commented in a press release. "We've heard countless testimonies from businesses who are demanding an open source solution as part of this equation. The API gateway is the heart of micro services orchestration and Express.js is the optimal core component for a gateway."

Major tech players (e.g. Yandex, GoDaddy, Twitter, Accenture, etc.) utilize Express.js. However, until now, a configurable, open source API for Express.js wasn't available to the average business or developer. LunchBadger recognized the need and stepped up with Express Gateway. There are over 11 million Express.js downloads each month, and the Express Gateway now provides an open source community for developers to collaborate on the Platform and drive innovation.

Express Gateway 1.1.0 is now available. Getting started is as simple as 1, specifying a micro service; 2, exposing an API; and 3, securing the API with a key. A single configuration controls the entire API, with auto-detect and hot reload adjusting to any configuration changes. The platform is language agnostic and works in any Framework. Express Gateway runs in public or private clouds with Docker. To learn more, check out the Docs.

The team has published a 5-minute getting started guide for streamlined setup and access. For general news on the open source project, follow updates at the Express Gateway blog. Those looking to participate, should visit the Github repo.

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