Lymbix Reads Between The Lines To Sense Emotion

Lymbix is a small privately held company with a lucky team of 13 full time employees offering sentiment analysis for text samples.  Its model is software as a service and so of course Lymbix offers an API. That’s the kind of service that application developers want and need. Would you like to know how much amusement-excitement or anger-loathing is in your email? Lymbix will crunch the data for you.

Several API client implementations are already completed and there’s most likely one in your language of choice: Ruby, Python, PHP, Microsoft.NET, Java & Javascript.

This RESTful API returns either JSON or XML, whichever you prefer.  It’s also one of just seven sentiment analysis APIs in the index.  The documentation page is clear and focused.  There’s no interactive demo up there yet, but tomorrow’s another day.  Maybe there will be soon.  It would be fun to see the sentiment rating for this post, but I would need an API key to get going on that.

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There's actually an interactive demo available on the home page labeled "Live Demo"

We haven't linked it to the documentation center yet, but it's on a short list of To-Do's