Magic Software Unveils a New Angular-Based Framework

Magic Software today released the latest version of its application development Platform, Magic xpa 4.0, which features an Angular-based web application Framework.

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework originally developed by Google and typically used to create single-page applications (SPAs).

According to Magic Software, its new Angular framework gives users the ability "deliver a full- Stack solution based on Angular code that is automatically generated from the logic of business applications."

The Magic xpa platform is low-code, meaning it allows users to build applications with minimal programming. Instead of writing code, Magic xpa users define their business logic in an application called Magic Studio. The logic specified is used by a conversion system dubbed Magic Converter to produce Angular code that is ready-to-use.

angular framework - task properties

Magic xpa outputs pure Angular code that is immediately functional and can be deployed like any other Angular application. Magic's engine handles business logic, and offers many controls and form properties that the company says "would otherwise take dozens of lines of code to develop in Angular, especially when you are trying to achieve dynamic behavior in your apps."

For example, to create a drop-down field, Magic users visually select the variable connected to the field as well as the field's Items List property, which binds the available options to the input control. Without Magic, developers would need to implement a service for the options and build the logic for performing validation server-side.

Designers can modify the Angular application screens without the need to use special software or processes and developers can modify the Angular code if necessary.

According to Magic, "About 90% of all the modifications needed will be to the HTML and CSS. Only about 10% work will be in Angular."

Magic says that its new framework makes building large-scale Angular applications possible. "Angular apps after a certain size are not manageable. For example, creating a 200 screen app in Angular is considered a large project," it explained. "With [Magic xpa], even creating a 2,0000 screen enterprise SPA app is easy."

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