Magisto API Places Professional Video Editing Tools in Developers' Hands

Magisto, video editing Platform, has announced that its video editing tools are now publicly available via the Magisto API. Until now, Magisto has focused on consumers with the aim to transform the billions of home videos collecting dust into professionally edited, production ready films. Oren Boiman, Magisto co-founder and CEO, explained the goal:

"We have worked to build an exceptional User Experience for people’s personal videos and are now broadening that to the business and general developer community....Small business professionals in particular have been asking when Magisto would be available for commercial use.  Now that our API is open, anyone from real-estate agents to content producers can find new ways to incorporate high-quality, edited videos for all their promotional needs."

Magisto has already made a name for itself in the consumer market. In addition to numerous awards and broad press coverage, WIRED recently named Magisto one of Europe's hottest startups. It's venture into the corporate marked started with a bang as it announced a new partnership with Forever (Europe's largest video digitalization service).

The API uses REST protocol and JSON data format. Native in third party apps, developers can utilize Magisto's  video editing tools (noise cancellation, transitions, music, and much more). Editing features are based on computer vision technology (artificial technology that can decipher between people, animals, landscapes, etc.).

Video editing apps have been turning every day consumers into professional grade videographers. Accordingly, high-quality video has become more and more important in the enterprise. The Magisto API brings the most advanced technology in video editing to the fingertips of all developers. Those interested can sign up for free and test drive the API for 50 free videos.

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