MailChimp API v3.0 Enables Marketing Automation

MailChimp announced the MailChimp API v3.0, which features marketing automation functionality. While MailChimp puts the finishing touches on v3.0, the API remains in open beta. However, the team expects to transition to full production soon. In addition to a number of fixes and workflow enhancements, MailChimp included two frequently requested features in the new version: List Group and Subscription Date Workflows.

While v3.0 offers a number of new features and MailChimp will continue to add to the feature list, the move to a new version largely stemmed from the need to fix problems. MailChimp identified a number of fixes to inconsistencies and overcomplexity; however, a new version provided the only viable solution to correct without causing backward incompatibility. In v3.0, MailChimp used JSON Schema that describes every Endpoint's input and output. This eliminates the inconsistency in v2.0 between Documentation and reality. Additionally, v3.0 uses a RESTful architecture that trims the methods from over a hundred to a noun-based approach with a handful of standard methods (i.e. GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE). With architectural fixes in place, MailChimp has a solid foundation to add functionality.

The new API workflow allows new levels of customization. For example, a single API Request can trigger a series of emails. In older versions, emails were only triggered by events (e.g., open, click). The new workflows enable email triggers from just about anything (e.g., e-commerce, webhooks, video player events). The List Group workflow allows targeted emails based on users that leave or join a group. This empowers users to target content based on interests or change in interests. The Subscription Date workflow allows users who are new to a subscription or who have been longtime members to target content. Simplicity and targeted content represent key tenets of v3.0 and make perfect sense for a marketing automation Platform. MailChimp says campaigns are the next feature on the v3.0 road map. Check out the API Docs for more information.

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