Mailchimp Integrates Image Editing with Aviary API

Aviary, the web-based image editing solution, is now available via its image editing API to Mailchimp users. Mailchimp wanted to streamline the email design process. Previously, users would typically exit the mailchimp website to edit images in software applications such as iPhoto or Photoshop. Besides being time-consuming, this fragments the user experience and breaks the workflow.

With the Aviary API, Mailchimp users can now perform basic image editing tasks such as cropping and resizing as well as some more advanced tasks such as rotation and applying creative filters without leaving the mailchimp interface.

Aviary in line photo editing

“You can now crop, resize, rotate, and enhance your images right inside MailChimp,” says Co-founder Ben Chestnut. “This is using some new API tricks from Aviary, and we really want to thank them for helping with this. When I write my newsletters, the worst part is always when I have to stop and edit an image. I have to open up Photoshop or Fireworks, resize, crop, and upload. Hate it. Now, the experience is fast and seamless. I love Photoshop, but I hate waiting for it to open when I just want to finish an email,” he added.

While many APIs are designed to share assets or expose data to third-party applications, the Aviary API is truly unique because instead of making data available or supporting a sharing function, it provides editing tools, which is closer to a SaaS model than a conventional API.

“Users stay on the site, ensuring a positive workflow from a partners perspective, as well as allowing them to keep their users on their site - which is a win for both parties,” says Nam Nguyan of Aviary.

Aviary inline photo editing tool

As more users access their email via mobile devices it will be increasingly important for senders to manage the size of email images. Large files drain bandwidth and perhaps more importantly can cause unexpected email layout problems.

Mailchimp has long pursued a broad API integration strategy and besides having an open API of their own, they’ve actively encouraged developers through their $1 Million Integration Fund since 2010.

Aviary image editing is also available as a web widget and can be embedded into web pages as a JavaScript snippet.

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