Mailgun API Default Set to V3

Developer email service Mailgun announced that it has changed the default version of its API to version 3. This is due to the recent changes and enhancements made to the Mailgun API in order to enhance its performance and stability.

The folks at Mailgun say that most customers won't be affected by this, but rather should experience an overall upgrade in performance.

Here's what's new:

  • All existing API methods remain backward compatible and keep the same request/response format, but there may be some behavioral changes in some of them.
  • Significant changes to the suppressions API (relating to bounces, unsubscribes and complaints) mean that:
    • The current GET /v2/<domain>/bounces method keeps the same request/response format, but will only be able to return bounces that occurred in the past 30 days.
    • The total_count returned via this API call won't be accurate and preserved for backward-compatibility purposes only.
  • The new GET /v3/<domain>/bounces method returns bounce addresses in alphabetical order and is much faster and more stable.
  • Changes to the batch upload method mean that users can upload several bounces in a single API call.
  • Enhancements to request/response formats of other suppressions API methods mean that the API is generally cleaner.

Mailgun provides APIs that allow users to easily send, receive and track emails. The company is committed to building everything API first, keeping things simple and conforming to standards.

Further information and documentation regarding the Mailgun API are available on the website.

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