MailWriter API: For The Love Of Sending Letters

Despite the fact that we now live in a world where communication is very much digital and paper trails are rapidly diminishing, there are still instances where physical mail is necessary and there are many who may even prefer the personal touch of a good old fashioned letter or postcard. MailWriter brings the convenience of online, digital functionality to the process of sending letters. It's a cloud mailing service that allows users to create and send letters, postcards or complete mailings directly from whatever device they're working from. The MailWriter API makes this functionality available to be integrated into other websites and applications as well.


MailWriter offers a variety of features that make the mailing process simple and fuss free. Users simply head to the website and prepare the letters or complete mailings they wish to send by uploading the PDFs and relevant address information, and the application takes care of the printing and sending. No printing, folding, inserting or trips to the post office required. Users also have the option to create customised postcards by uploading a photo or choosing a design, writing a personal message and entering a destination address. They can then choose their desired finish and the option of a full colour print before finalising their orders.

The great thing about the MailWriter API is that developers can integrate it with their own applications, allowing users to send letters directly from these applications without having to use the MailWriter website to login and upload. The API makes it possible for third party applications to create and send letters or postcards, as well as manage account credits. It's an HTTP API and it returns JSON formatted responses. Further information is available on the MailWriter website.

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