MailZ API Brings Automated Email Response to Third Party Apps

MailZ, transactional email delivery service, offers the MailZ API to enable systems and applications to incorporate email response features. MailZ features enable third party apps to deliver single-recipient emails after Integration with the MailZ API. MailZ supports a wide range of content management systems and email platforms. In addition to automated email responses, MailZ delivers analysis and tracking tools for a more powerful email response system.

Transactional messages are messages triggered by specific customer actions (e.g. order confirmation requests, account confirmation requests, etc.). If such messages are managed independently of the application or system itself, management and cost of maintaining the response message becomes costly and cumbersome. MailZ enables developers to incorporate email response transactional messages directly into an app and eliminates the need to manage such transactional activity as a standalone operation.

The MailZ API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Currently 4 APIs are available under the MailZ umbrealla: ping, send, status, and statistics. For more information, sign up for a free trial.

Automated email response has long served as the first line of communication between a seller or content provider and its customers, subscribers, and potential clients. The MailZ API allows developers to incorporate such functionality in existing apps without previously needed cross IT communication and difficult management. MailZ is simple, straightforward, and affordable.

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