Major Live Streaming API News Expected from Twitter

Buzz amongst tech media suggests that Twitter will soon announce a wider push into live video through new API partnerships with select media companies. According to The Information, Twitter is expected to open its live Streaming API to certain media companies, and we can expect to see such partnerships announced next week. To this point, most of Twitter's live video activity has come through its Periscope offering.

Twitter has experimented with giving direct access to limited parties in the past. For instance, last year Twitter allowed the NFL to stream a number of games. However, such instances have been limited and have required significant planning and custom deals before such access was permitted. According to sources briefed on Twitter's plans, selected partners will directly plug into Twitter's infrastructure via the live streaming API positioning Twitter as a Platform for live video.

Where does Periscope fit in this new structure? Apparently, Periscope will continue to serve as the live streaming platform for the everyday individual. The live streaming API will be opened to selected media companies and Back-end service providers that specialize in live video streaming. Accordingly, Periscope will continue to play a vital role for most users.

Video services continue to lure startups and established tech juggernauts as it appears a viable video strategy is becoming table stakes for staying relevant. Live, streaming video has become the focus for social media players with the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter and others making plays in the live streaming arena. If the recent reports about Twitter's upcoming moves are true, expect an announcement next week.

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