Make Bing Maps Sing In PHP

What's this, Microsoft pushing an open source programming language? Indeed, there is an integration kit that gives PHP developers a boost creating a database-powered Bing Maps application.

There are options for MySQL and SQL Server Lite, though the latter also requires Windows hosting. In either case, you'll also need PHP 5.2+ (required because the kit uses JSON). PHP and MySQL are the most common programming language and database, supported by almost every host, so these requirements are truly open to everyone, compared to usual examples of Microsoft technologies.

Bing Maps demo using PHP

The project site has a working demo, including the ability to add points. Or, download the code and try it on your own server. One of the best parts about this kit is that it comes ready to go with the same code as the demo. All you need to provide are database connection details.

The project was sponsored by Microsoft's interoperability initiative and like their PHP on Windows efforts, it shows Microsoft is willing to reach out beyond their usual constituency to attract new developers. As a result, this useful resource gives PHP programmers and those that haven't already adopted Microsoft's suite of tools an easy introduction to programming Bing Maps.

Hat tip: Chris Pendleton

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Extend. Embrace. Extinguish.

Time has shown us never to trust Microsoft when they extend their hand towards opensource software.

This "intergration kit" isn't PHP. It's Javascript on the client that then hits the server to save the data. It is not a Bing PHP SOAP SDK.

you can easily make the bing map in php easily for this you have to use the api of bing map javascript knowledge and ajax in \s for better callling information from the server