Make it Easier For Your Friends With The IsItBirthday API

I do not remember many of my friends' birthdays; I am sure that they do not remember mine either. These days, many people rely on Facebook to notify them of such occasions. But what happens if you don’t feel comfortable posting your birthday on Facebook, but still want to help your closest friends out? Look no further than the IsItBirthday API. This API, brought to you by, allows you to create feeds to help people remember your birthday. A simple and fun way to ensure that you are not forgotten.

If my friends were to check the URL that IsItBirthday created for me, they would see:

Because it is in fact not my birthday.

The IsItBirthday API Is capable of generating an RSS Feed or you can access your birthday information in JSON format. The REST API could go beyond reminding others, you could easily aggregate your friends' birthdays and develop a tool to notify you when important friends need some appreciation. For extra credit check out

The IsItBirthday API is one of 32 feeds APIs and 737 social APIs.

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