Make Phone Calls With AOL's New API

AOL has just launched a new telephony Web Service for developers: the Open Voice API. As noted in the announcement, this API is intended to "provide third-party developers and VoIP device manufacturers with open standards protocols that will enable them to easily integrate the AIM Call Out service into softphones, as well as SIP-enabled hardware and cell phones with wi-fi connectivity." The new Platform works in conjunction with the AIM Call Out service that offers discounted global calling:

AIM Call Out is a pay-as-you-go outbound voice calling service built right into AIM that lets users make calls to landline and cell phones in more than 200 countries. This service complements the existing AIM Talk service, a free PC-to-PC voice calling service available to AIM users.

AIM Call Out offers low per-minute rates with no connection fee or monthly charge. Users pay for call credits in increments as low as $5. AIM users can visit for a complete list of long distance rates.

Users can also make phone-to-phone calls using the Web Connect feature within the AIM Call Out service. Users simply enter their phone number and then the phone number of a friend. In a few seconds, the user’s phone will ring and then connect them to their friend’s phone.

As you can see on the AIM Call developer's page, the API itself supports a host of SIP-related standards. We've now added a new Open Voice API profile to our directory.

Telephony and communications APIs have become a highly competitive space. How competitive? There are now over 20 APIs in the Telephony category alone.

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