Make WordPress Search Work With Yolink

TigerLogic, the company behind the yolink API, released a WordPress plugin that allows WordPress users to get a lot more done while searching within a WordPress blog. As many WordPress users know all too well, the existing search functionality of WordPress is subpar. Yolink changes that, offering faster results, and more relevant ones.

The press release highlights some benefits of using yolink's WordPress search:

Provides better search results based on relevancy
Enables searching of both pages and posts on WordPress sites
Searches behind links to surface and highlight search terms in context
Identifies relevant search content with multi-color keyword highlighting
Indexes fast, real-time and in the cloud
Eliminates unwanted advertisements
Shares easily to Google Docs, Evernote, EasyBib, Facebook, Twitter, and more

The WordPress plugin uses a lot of the same tricks already available in the yolink API, which uses the same pricing scheme. Putting this into a WordPress plugin makes it a lot easier to install, especially for people with personal blogs using WordPress already.

The video above shows an example of the plugin in use. The plugin is free for personal sites, and pricing information for businesses is also available.

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