Manage APIs Throughout Entire Life Cycle With Axway API Management 7.3

Axway, a global software company and market leader in governing the flow of data, has announced the launch of Application Programming Interface ( API) Management 7.3, which is part of the Axway 5 Suite, a Platform that makes it possible to govern complex data flows and monitor and manage all data exchanges on-premises, in the cloud and with mobile devices.


Axway API Management, a combination of Axway API Gateway and Axway API Portal, allows users to manage the entire life cycle of APIs, from design and deployment to policy enforcement and deprecation.

Features of the Axway API Management platform include:

  • Lightweight, real-time application Integration Includes an embedded messaging provider with third-party messaging and WebSocket support.
  • Anytime, anywhere API management Allows companies to fit API Management into each and every development process.
  • Business-level visibility and mobile notifications Delivers operational intelligence across APIs by expanding event alerting with more predefined and user-defined alerts and notifications, including mobile notifications, for real-time visibility across the company, and more.
  • Enhanced API security and compliance Includes expanded OAuth 2.0 client support, OpenID Connect capabilities and prepackaged integration with Ping Identity through policy filters to ensure complete API security and single sign-on as well as other security features.

Axway API Management is available on-premises and in the cloud. We reached out to Mark O'Neill, VP of innovation, API and identity at Axway, who told ProgrammableWeb that:

This release is designed to enable the new capabilities businesses are exploring with APIs. For instance, one of the key innovations in the update is around real-time API delivery, where data is fetched in real time via an API. We’re able to power this functionality by embedding a messaging provider, which, combined with HTML5 Websockets, enables lightweight, real-time API access to Back-end systems.

O'Neill went on to say the following:

This is ideal for the new use cases, such as accessing real-time financial information, real-time betting and gaming information, and even more unique applications such as the real-time monitoring of connected cars through the iWatch that Apple announced [this week]. Ultimately, Axway API Management 7.3 will help organizations join the API economy in safe and innovative ways.

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