Manage Museum and Gallery Collections via API: eHive

eHive, online collection management system, grants access to its web-based organization system via the eHive API. Museums can integrate the API with third party applications, or developers can build mobile and custom apps that leverage eHive technology. eHive allows museums and curators to gather, share, and manage collections of all flavors and sizes directly through a web interface. API Integration enables eHive users to gain traction through mobile, social, and existing networks.

Vernon Systems launched eHive in 2008 as its latest stride in software development for galleries and museums. Vernon and eHive are dedicated to continued innovation in museum technology that adjusts to collections across the globe and keeping museum management systems of all sizes up to speed as standards and advancements progress. The eHive API has been used to build a variety of museum sites (e.g. Fairfield Halls).

The eHive API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Developers can update and share eHive databases across websites or custom apps. Current methods include accounts, records, comments, and more. For a complete list, visit the developers site.

The lifeblood of a museum or gallery is its collection. The more details a museum can capture, organize, and share regarding its collection translates into a more robust visitor experience and a more functional exhibit. Vernon Systems launched eHive to arm the museum industry with cutting edge technology that streamlines traditionally manual upkeep. Sign up for a free eHive account today.

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