Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Billing through the Pactas API

Pactas, recurring billing solution provider, offers the Pactas API that allows developers to include Pactas functionality within third party apps and websites. Any need for recurring billing (e.g. carsharing, music flatrates, cloud services, etc.) can be simplified and streamlined with the Pactas solution. Pactas enables users to manage subscriptions, track payments, and map pricing. Access to the Platform can customize to each users' situation depending on need, resources, and Integration opportunities.

Pactas was created in 2012 after a group of founders started to recognize that services models were beginning to transform many industries and service models often require recurring billing mechanisms. Consumers were moving from CDs to Spotify, on premise software to SaaS, and car ownership to carsharing. Pactas started as a simple subscription service platform, and continues to evolve to manage all the needed features to run a subscription based service.

The Pactas API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Resources available through the API include contracts, customers, documents, files, plans, and more. For more information, visit the developers site.

Many business have replaced legacy manual tasks with the automated capabilities of Pactas. Managing Director of Daenet (Pactas customer), Stefan Aevermann, proposes a question that Pactas anticipates many will continue ask: "I do not pay for the sending and receiving my emails. Why should I pay for shipping and receiving my e-bill?"

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