Managing SEO Clients Is Easy With MySEOTool's API

In the world of internet marketing, making sure your website is both visible and relevant amongst millions of others is key, and SEO (search engine optimisation) plays an important part in making sure this is the case. MySEOTool is one of the many SEO services around, but the its selling point is that there is a specific focus on the client and on making the process a simple and streamlined one. MySEOTool's API provides access to this functionality, allowing developers to integrate MySEOTool with other applications.


The system has several features that help to make it a favourite amongst many users. It provides an effective SEO client management option that allows companies to streamline their client reporting methods, saving time and effort as well as keeping clients constantly updated. MySEOTool simplifies the SEO analysis process by offering traditional SEO tool data built directly into its reporting interface, automatically gathering SEO metrics like search volume, competitors, backlinks, trust, authority and more. In addition, users can automatically schedule daily, weekly or monthly PDF SEO reports.

The MySEOTool API is a simple REST API, designed to be predictable and lightweight. API calls include things like automatic user login, accessing metrics, creating backlinks and creating users. All output is returned in JSON. Further information can be found on MySEOTool's website.

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