Map Mashups Using ESRI Seen in the Wild

As we reported earlier this year, ESRI, a leading GIS software provider, released a public version of its ArcGIS JavaScript API that allows developers to integrate GIS functionality with web applications. Now ESRI has added a new ArcGIS Server Live User Sites section to its web site that showcases various geospatial solutions, several of which use the ArcGIS JavaScript API (see our ESRI API profile).

The online gallery includes the following sites:

As we noted in our previous post on this API, developers familiar with the Dojo JavaScript Toolkit will be keen to know that the ArcGIS JavaScript API is built on Dojo, thereby providing access to the various Dojo tools include dijits (widgets).

Although ArcGIS Server is required on the server side for serving up geospatial data, ESRI does provide API access to some data via its ArcGIS Online services (a suite of different geospatial web services) and sample servers that can be used as testbeds for learning the API.

The map API market is a very competitive one and we now have over 70 mapping APIs in our directory.

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